21 October 2006


I don't know whether you've noticed but on the posts this month there has always been that little post script: "X days till my eighteenth birthday. Yay!!!" Well that was today. So I've been ripping open envelopes and counting the money to put in the bank for my Gap Year.

There were some other goodies, that were not money, and these were the Jackson Happy Seat/Thruster Combo, rock on Eric 'EJ' Jackson for making such a cool add-on for the Jackson Kayaks, and some Doc's Proplugs to prevent that dreadfull syndrom/disease/virus (I don't really know what it is) Surfer's Ear.

Hear's to another eighteen years and hopefully many more. I'm off to the weir at Garstang to check it out and have a laugh down there this afternoon.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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