15 October 2006


Still not been paddling on a proper river for ages now. However, I did get out of the house today, which is nice. I went climbing over in the Yorkshire Dales at a place known as Great Close Scar. The rockface looks down on Malham Tarn, which shares part of it's name with the famous Limestone climbs of Malham Cove. The climbs at Great Close Scar were nothing in comparison to the one's at Malham, though I can't really say as I've never climbed at Malham; I've just seen pictures of some mean looking routes.

I was picked up at 8:15 and taken to Bamber Bridge where we, the person I got a lift to Bamber Bridge with, cought another lift over to the Dales leaving the first vehicle in the car park at Sainsbury's.

Once parked in a field, in the middle of nowhere in the Dales, we hot footed it into the crag and started to gear up and check out the guidebook. The day saw us top out on six routes, and we failed on two. Crag: 2, Climbers: 6. I think this wasn't such a bad effort seen as there were three of us climbing each route, which ultimately means there were 18 climbs ascended. This took us, in total, 8 hours, which also meant we were walking out from the crag in the dark at 6 in the evening.

Once back at the car it was the same journey reversed, with the same stops and the same change over of vehicles.

PS. Six days till my eighteenth birthday. Yay!!!

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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