01 October 2006

Rothay... A right off

I didn't go to the Rothay. It would have been a total right off; there hasn't been any where near enough water thrown down by the powers that be to bring this Lake District Grade 2/3- river into condition so instead I stayed at home and did... college work. Just like Wednesday, I started at 9am and am still doing it now. Well obviously not right at this moment, as I'm tapping on the ivories to create this post, but once I've finished I'll be back, knuckle to the bone, doing work and probably will be until 5pm. What fun I have on the day of rest, the day when all rivers should be worshiped for the pure enjoyment they bring to a small minority of people who like their water to flow downhill all frothy and white.

Got to go and do some more college work then. The pens are screaming: "Iain, Iain, Iain... Why aren't you holding us in your left hand, nib to the paper, to produce lovely scrawls of prose, which teach you things about the greater good? Why? Oh why..."

PS. Twenty days till my eighteenth birthday. Yay!!!

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...


rockratrobinson said...

Got off the phone an hour or so ago with some people that headed up to the Lakes today and found out to my utter disbelief that the Rothay was just in condition, though it was still fairly low, they said. I'm really gutted; I hope that wasn't the only paddling of the 06/07 white water season for the Lakes or else I'll be bummed big stile.

Sally Dyer said...

iain u have way too much tim eon ur hands
sal x