14 October 2006

Boat swinging

I lied on Thursday when I said I didn't know when I was returning to the wet stuff. Well, I suppose I didn't lie, I just forgot to mention that I was going to the swimming pool for a demo night with Brookbank Canoes and UK Canoes, the local canoe shops. I tried seven boats (pictures above) in total over the hour session. That's, on average, eight-and-a-half minutes in each boat, which is no way long enough to give a fair review of any of them; though some of them really impressed me and some didn't.

Liquid Logic Hoss A nice creekboat, but too big for me. It's got a really nice outfitting, but didn't make any outstanding impression.

Pyranha Stretch One of those new boats by Pyranha, which has been advertised as a play-creeker. It was actually really nice to paddle and with some effort it could be cartwheeled on the flat. Well I got the bow down some way so that's a start. Final say on this boat: a bit of a marketing gimmick, in the fact that it is billed as a play-creeker - I think I'll stick to having a playboat and creekboat (when I get one).

Pyranha 4-Twenty The new offering in the way of playboats from Pyranha. It was, like the Stretch, really nice to paddle but very similar in shape to my All-Star. I tried the smaller size of the two boats and there was less volume in it compared to my playboat meaning I could throw it around better, but it would be too uncomfortable for the rivers I paddle in my playboat.

Prijon Cross The worst boat of the night. It was the most creekish of the boats I tried, but I felt the outfitting was just un-safe. The footrests were bolted like most creekboats, but there was then these straps to adjust the footrest with once you'd loosened the bolts. When I was paddling the boat I could feel these straps flapping around and therefore could be a bit of a snag hazard especially with the sewn in loops at the end.

Fluid Spice This boat was too big for me and I could see that if I was heavier it would be a really nice river-play boat as the ends were quite slicy.

Dragarossi Fish I was hoping that this boat was coming to the pool as I was interested in the thigh-hooks. However, these had been removed; I suppose this was for safety as they could prevent someone getting out when upside down if they couldn't roll. I really liked the boat even though some of the outfitting was missing. I could see it being really playfull in the surf.

Fluid Flirt This was the boat that I always wanted before I got my All-Star. When I came to buying a playboat however the small Flirt was too small and the medium one was too big. I did, last night, manage to squeeze myself into the small, but it was uncomfy so I probably made the right choice with the All-Star. I did manage to throw the Flirt around a lot as I was at the top of the weight range.

To bring this post to an end I'll just say the night was a really good idea and well worth going to, just for the fact that you could try so many boats for free in such a short space of time. It was a bit of a shame they didn't have many creekboats as I would have liked to try the Jackson Rocker, but I suppose they've no real attraction with them in the pool like the more playful boats.

PS. Seven days till my eighteenth birthday. Yay!!!

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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