03 September 2007

Bon Voyage

At the Dover ferry terminal.

24th June 00:04am
Anyway we’re driving through France trying to catch some sleep. However I can’t. The day kicked off early as I had to be in Dover at 1:30, two hours before the ferry departed, to catch a coach with a Plymouth boy’s school, get the ferry across the channel and head south to my centre. This meant over twenty-seven hours of travelling. Fun! I did spot a couple of English cars in France laden with boats heading for home. Hope the trip was worth it.

I made it to Dover in good time, but as the clock got a bit nearer to three and there was still no sign of my lift I started to get even more worried. I rang the emergency contact number that PGL gave me, got the number for the coach driver and got a progress report off him: “Here at 4:30.” I sat around a bit longer waiting in this period I heard chatter from across the room that sounded PGLish and it turned out it was some more recruits, which I would be travelling with. They were even more worried than me as it was now 4:15 and the coach had not shown its face. They had not contacted the driver to know he was delayed by an hour. I put them straight after getting one final progress report. There wasn’t much time for introductions now as the coach arrived soon after and that’s where we’ve been ever since.

Oh one of the staff members is from Freckleton, which is a bit weird as it’s only round the corner from Preston.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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