05 September 2007

Paddling... but not the normal paddling

The Dragon Boats moored up on the canal.

18th July 8:31pm
This afternoon I was taken off session along with twelve other instructors to attend a Dragon Boat Helm course with a chap who was flown out specially. The reason for such a large number of instructors being trained for a session which is seldom run is because soon it will be run on a regular basis. This is because of events on the 16th where the Long Boats were destroyed which means Dragon Boats will now replace them. The swap in sessions was planned, but not so soon.

Down to the course. It was OK. Not the most inspiring course. A lot of it was spent working on your guns as you paddle the Dragon Boat whilst someone gets instruction on being a Helms Man. My turn at the helm was short lived as it was very like, in fact, it was just one big stern rudder so I got the hand of it fairly quickly with only a few mishaps. Now the problem, once qualified, is how to run a session for kids and how to make it interesting. This is even more of a challenge for me as at 8pm I was made Head of Paddles by the Chief Instructor.

This role involves me creating session plans and carrying out maintenance on all things paddle related. This means SOKs and Dragon Boats when it comes down to paddling at Tamaris. At other centre's it may have meant more responsibility, but being predominantly a sailing centre there isn't that many paddling activities to be responsible for.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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