03 September 2007

Home Comforts

Looking out over the beach to Le Grau-d'Agde.

28th June 7:59pm
Even though I have only been away from home for 6 days, 8 hours and 28 minutes I have come to appreciate many things about living at home back up in the north and working for PGL on the Mediterranean coast. I miss warm showers. The showers at Tamaris are just crap. We have to share them with guests and by the time I get around to them, sometime before 6pm, they just pump out cold water. It ain't that bad as it washes all the sand off, but it would be better if they were warm. A good Internet connexion would be nice as well. It costs a Euro for ten minutes on centre and when at home I would spend two hours, maybe more a day on the old Internet. I am missing the Guidebook, MySpace, the numerous blog feeds I've subscribed to and the fact I could post to my blog with no hassle what so ever.

However, I really like PGL food. Firstly you can have as much as you like and secondly it's random. Basically they serve you a main item; today it was chicken kebabs and rice. Then you have random selections of salad, carrots, peas, beans, eggs, potatoes, mushrooms, pate, cheese, pork pie and with everything at PGL France: french bread. This for me is wonderful as I'll eat almost anything without caring if it 'goes'. I'm never hungry here. I also like the sea breeze that keeps me cool in this blistering sun and whips through my tent, which backs onto the beach. The sound of the breaking waves is also rather calming.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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