04 September 2007

A Dag Creation

The surf rolling onto the beach.

16th July 9:12pm
Yesterday afternoon at briefing three kayaks, and I mean proper sit-in-kayaks were sat outside the Water Sports Office. They're for instructors to play in. Great. One of these was some sort of old school play boat made by Dag and by no means beats Alistair.

Anyway today after a hard days work, and I mean header than normal - we had two broken Bombards, two sunken Long Boats and two lost Feva masts - I took the Dag creation out for an hour before tea. The sea was quite rough - hence the hard days work - meaning there was a fair bit of surf; maybe four to five foot at times. It was good to get out doing some 'real' paddling. I'm now a bit more motivated again for some SOK sessions. What my brief surf session did make me realise is that I;m not as paddle fit as I use to be.

I've got a busy week ahead of me what with sailing training both Tuesday and Thursday, staff meetings Thursday and Friday, an interview for Head of Paddlers tomorrow, two nights of street walk, one more evening entertainment session, a Dragon Boat course and my normal weeks work I am bound to be tired and have something interesting for the blog.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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