03 September 2007

I'm here

Looking out from my tent at the Staff Village and Boat Park.

24th June 9:19pm
I eventually made it to Camping les Tamaris sometime after 1pm. That has meant I have been travelling for a hell of a long time. There were five hours from Preston, an hour and a bit for the ferry crossing and then a further fourteen or so hours to PGL’s head office known by everyone at PGL as Segs. From here the group of staff which I had been travelling with got split up. Some would be staying at Segs where as two others headed for the Alps and Embrum. As for me I was bundled into a minibus destined for Le Fosca with two girls I had travelled with since Dover. There would be a detour made to Tamaris to drop me off and then they would have a further three hours on the road. Tough.

As for now I’m sat on my bed after emptying my bag and repacking it so it would be easier to live out of for the next seven weeks. I am not sharing with anyone. Well I am but he’s at another centre for a while. I don’t know whether this is a good thing or not as I wasn’t to fond on sharing, but it’s a shore five way of making friends quickly.

In between the time of arriving and writing this I have been shown around the beach based site, had inductions and met a variety of staff whose name all allude me. Tomorrow is Christmas on centre and I’ve uniform, ID badges and Bank details to sort before having an Instructors briefing at 8:15am.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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