05 September 2007

France: 31 days gone; 24 days left

The Cobra resurfacing after being hit by a wave.

23rd July 8:11pm
I haven't blogged much recently. This isn't because nothings happened. I'm working for PGL; every other day there is some earth shattering event, which affects the whole of Tamaris, but I've just not had time or the motivation to scrawl a post out. Anyway I now have some time and a bit of motivation.

Last night was the first night of the season where we had no children on site. Why was this? Travel Ban day in France messes with our arrivals and departures giving the staff a free night for once. This meant a big party was in order; bigger than normal as there were no restrictions on noise. So with the theme of a Smarty Party by the end of the night we had many male members of staff dressed as women and vice-versa. It was hilarious and made even better by the fact that I had a day off the next day.

I say a day off but I did about an hour-and-a-half 'work' as one of the power boats slipped its anchor in the big surf which had made the water a no go area in the eyes of the French authorities. This meant that once the anchor had been slipped it was a waiting game for the boat to come to shore. Once beached it was a case of man power to get it emptied, put on a trailer and put safely in the boat part. Hence why I had to do a bit of 'work'.

Today I also had a seminar about training opportunities. Basically I could do my Level 3 Training once I've got an 8 hour First Aid certificate at the end of season and do the assessment at the beginning of the next. Alternatively I could do my Level 3 Training at the start of next season and then do my assessment at the end. either way I can get my Level 3 for free once I've got an 8 hour First Aid certificate and be guaranteed a job next season. I think I'll talk to Recruitment on Wednesday before making my mind up.

Finally, this is quite a long post, I've just got back from a surf in the old school Dag play boat, which is actually a Scandal by Dag. It's not a great boat but I just can't get enough of it. It lets me have so much fun, which is weird as it only happens on a day when Tamaris is a b bit down in the dumbs, so it seems wrong to be having fun. Anyway I had three accidentals rolls and some quality surfs on waves which must have been over 8 foot at times.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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