05 September 2007

Today is another Day

The Dragon Boat heads before repairs began.

25th July 9:49pm
The other day I lied when I said I had 24 days left. Well I wasn't at the time, but after today that count has been extended because I have extended my contract till the end of the season. This happened today during my meeting with the Recruitment Team where I have also sorted work out for when I return home before going to New Zealand. I could either be working at Boreatton Park, Shropshire; Dalguise, Perthshire or Barton Hall, Devon until November. Once sorted I can be off to New Zealand and after four months return to France for work at Embrum, Segries or even Tamaris. I know this means I will only be in New Zealand for four months, but licking at it realistically I would have been struggling to fund 6 months of travel with limited income.

Something about today: I had a quality day on the water and I started repairing the Dragon Boat heads and tails. This is part of my job description as Head of Paddles.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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