03 September 2007

Leaving site

The fish which we see on a snorkel session.

3rd July 7:03pm
I left site for the first time today. This means that I have been in Tamaris for 10 days without seeing any other part of the Languedoc coast, which i suppose is bad as a 'Gapper' is suppose to see the world. However I have a job to do and it was with work that I headed to Le Cap D'Agde. Whilst here I spent my time on the beach with a group of kids from Edinburgh, Scotland. They were on a snorkeling session and I was getting my competency in snorkeling. I wasn't keen on the idea but PGL prefer it if you can work on numerous sessions as they are then getting valuer for money, so I obliged.

The actual session was good fun. The morning was spent on training the kids and me. Then after a smaller than normal dinner we snorkeled around one of the fish-tail groynes. Here we saw a multitude of aquatic wildlife hiding and swimming among the rocks. I'm still not sure about snorkeling however and it won't be a session I'll rush to do in the future. What I will rush to do is my PB2, which was talked about yesterday. This will allow me to drive certain power boats for PGL and RIBs for other companies depending on their insurance. That will be fun as I enjoy speeding around as a passenger on a power boat so I should enjoy being a driver even more.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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