06 September 2007

Heading for Home

Leaving site with some of the staff waving us off.

20th August 2:56pm
Life on centre has got better over the last few weeks and now everyone is winding down and getting ready to head back to England. I'm heading for home in eleven days, but won't be seeing Preston until the 4th September as I'm dropping into help my brother move into his new house in Camberly. Once home I won't actually be staying that long as the following Monday I'm starting training at Boreatton Park so I am suitably qualified to start my new contract up in Scotland at PGL's Dalguise site.

I'll be at Dalguise for just under two months and will be earning a considerable amount when compared to my current salary. Whilst at Dalguise I'll hopefully get back in a Jackson Kayak and hit up the Scottish rivers just as they start to come into season. That is one thing I cannot wait any longer for; white water paddling I've missed it to bits and I just hope all my skills are still there waiting to be unleashed once again.

Once I've finished at Dalguise I'll hopefully make my way to New Zealand to help feed my white water addiction. My stay might not be as long as I planned it to be but just one month would be nice. Any longer would be a bonus. Either way I can see my Gap Year being one of the best years of my life as long as I'm around good people, having fun and doing what I love: paddling. The first ten weeks have ticked all them boxes lets just hope the remaining months do.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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