06 September 2007


Racing out to 600m in the SOKs.

9th August 11:59pm
I've not blogged for a while, mainly because not much has happened. I've got up for work; worked, had some PGL food, worked a bit more and then gone out with the staff. Well today was one of those rare occasions when the day runs slightly different. Today we raced the CRS. The CRS are the French lifeguards who patrol the beaches of the Languedoc coast. The lifeguards are exceptionally well built, fit individuals who's muscles constantly bulge out of their tight rash vests.

The race was in a relay format which involved a 600m paddle for each member then a run of increasing lengths. For my team I was the first to go and to put it easily I absolutely annihilated the bulging biceps of the lifeguards with sound technique meaning I set off on my run a good 100m in front of everyone else. It was just a shame I couldn't hold that position during the run.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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