07 September 2007

My Summer Season

You may have guessed by now from the multitude of posts made in the last couple of days that I've made it back to Englandshire where I have a free, reliable Internet connection. This has allowed me to post everything I've written whilst I've been away at Tamaris. I know it's not true blogging as it hasn't been posted as it happens, but it's the best I can provide.

Anyway the creation of this post is one way I can put a definite end to my 2007 summer season in France at PGL's Tamaris centre. I stopped blogging whilst I was out there on the 20th August and then that post came about after a long break in posts. Why is this? Basically there wasn't a lot to write about. This doesn't mean nothing happened - something interesting would occur everyday - but I just didn't feel the need to write about it and post it on the blog. Reading back over some of the posts I've published since I've been back I get a very negative feel from what I've written. I am unsure why this is as ever since I've been back in England I've been longing to be back out their working away on the SOKs. Maybe it is because the majority of my posts were written in the first couple of weeks where I've got to be honest I wasn't enjoying it as much as I did in the last month-and-a-bit where the blog posts started to get a lot less frequent. Ever since I've been back I keep telling people I speak to that it was probably two of the best months of my life; it definitely was.

Whilst out in the Mediterranean I met some of the most amazing people I have ever known and because of the environment we were in - living together twenty-four hours a day, working together, socialising with each other - you got to know every single individual really well; better than some people I've known for seven years back in England. It was an amazing lifestyle to lead for ten weeks and I am really missing it. However, in a couple of days I should be back living the way I have done for the past ten weeks. Why? I've got another contract for PGL. It starts on 15th September up in Scotland at PGL's Dalguise site, but before that I've got five days training at Boreatton Park in Shropshire. This new contract will last for two months so I'll be up in Perthshire as the main Scottish boating season kicks off. Therefore I am hoping that I can get back into the swing of things when it comes to white water paddling and get on some classic Scottish grade 4/5's in Roger and then fire up a 5 Star Assessment before everything goes all UKCC.

At the moment I have no firm plans for what I'm doing once this contract has finished. I may head somewhere else for work. Actually I will probably head else where as for this year my aim is to spend as little time at home, have as much fun as possible and make some money to take with me to university in September 2008. Now I'll leave with some of the photo's from France.

My tent with the homemade decking outside. You had to really work on the positioning of the chair to ensure a leg didn't fall between the planks.

Laid in my tent with two volley balls. I don't why, it just seems a good idea and it was quite comfy.

Some of the Instructors posing during morning rig up.

There were no kids on site for a whole day so all the staff headed to the water for a Sailing Regatta. There was no wind so it turned into one big cheat.

Posing with my oversized flip-flops. Note the buoyancy aid - safety always came first.

The oversized flip-flops came into their own during beach parties when the lantern needed to be off the floor. Thanks Cool Shoe Corporation for an amazing invention.

The staff on my last day at the Beach Happy Hour.

Me and my tent mate posing just before I head back for England.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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