06 September 2007

Once again... A small world

The bar maids of our local.

30th July 7:49pm
I was out in Vias Plage two nights ago with some staff from Tamaris and our group got mixed up with one of the holiday camps. I got chatting to an English lad who as it happened came from Blackburn, which isn't far from me. Small world. What's even stranger is that as the night went on and we chatted even more we stumbled on to what we did at home. He had just finished college - like me - and it was Runshaw College. The college I went to. From there it was one coincidence after another.

What's been going on on centre? The Dragon Boats leaked so I got them out of the water and spent yesterday repairing them. Today I was on a fay off and over the next couple of days I've got to train up some new members of staff so they run the kayaking sessions like they are now, which has proved successful.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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