04 September 2007

A Small World

The surf rolling down the canal.

9th July 5:37pm
I was on SOK sessions this morning and this afternoon with a school form Bolton; home of Peter 'Garlic Bread' Kay and Bolton Wanderers FC. Bolton is also just a short jaunt down the M61 from Preston. This school was the closest I've been to home since I arrived on the Mediterranean coast just over two weeks ago.

The strangest thing was that whilst on session talking to the teacher our lives almost seemed connected. When he was at college he went to the college I just finished at. Whilst there he was taught by the same Geography teacher as me. He also sold his house to the same guy. His brother now works at the college I attended only a couple of weeks ago and he also knows the chap that should be teaching me at the University of Cumbria in 2008.

The morning session went well as did the first half of the afternoon session. However we had to cancel the second half due to the strong winds. This meant the kids had to abandon their boats some distance from where they needed to be and walked back to the centre. Meanwhile I towed seven SOKs in one long line, whilst three more got towed by another instructor.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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