03 September 2007

Need for Speed

27th June 7:09pm
There was no blog post yesterday as my day consisted of four Sit-on-Top kayak (SOKs for short) sessions all lasting an hour-and-a-half. The last two sessions I lead instead of sitting on the water shadowing the instructors so that I could be signed off as competent. This in itself is a bit weird as I am one of the most experienced paddlers on site. Most of them only hold their Three Star and haven’t seen a bank full, spate run in Cumbria, Yorkshire or in the Lune Valley. It’s a shame really as I would like to see one this minute and I hear some rivers are going off right now in Englandshire.

Coming round to today’s activities it was a different matter. I left the SOKs for the day and joined the Bombard crew, which basically consisted of me and the driver. The Bombard is a four stroke inflatable RIB which tows the Banana boat, which is actually named the Ocean Rider because political correctness has gone mad. Whilst we were on the Bombard I was the spotter. This role was fairly easy; point which way the guests have to lean and tell the driver when the Ocean Rider capsizes. I spent all day on this and it was monotonous, but fun all the same. What beats speeding through the Mediterranean getting airborne whilst kids scream at you to go faster and the engine has all maxed out? Not much really.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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